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New Delhi: Much has been said about our performance in Tokyo Olympics. More light will be thrown on it in days to come—and rightly so. No doubt It is the best ever performance. But much emphasis has  not been laid on the fact that this time we  did better in fields in which we had failed to make a mark in the past.

In the track and  field, for example, we had not performed so well in the past. We have won a gold in this game for the first time. Similarly in golf we narrowly missed a medal for the first time. We finished fourth.

We did equally well in women’s hockey. We couldn’t get a medal but we fought well and lost to the UK  by a solitary goal. The game is likely to attract more girls to hockey as well as to golf and track and field.

Seven medals haul  is  pleasing but we should not be satisfied with this . The number of medals count and we have to move up from the 48th position.

Neeraj Chopra has ended the 40 years’ gold drought. It was men’s hockey which had given us the gold in 1980. With encouragement to sports  the gold tally  may be  better in Paris where next Olympics will be held.

To do better, besides more allocation to sports, more is needed to be done at the grassroots level. Boys and girls interested in sports in schools should be encouraged to take part in it. We spend 200 times less than China on sports. We may not invest so much but should certainly earmark many times more than what we are doing today— three paise per day per capita. Future belongs to us.



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