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Can terrorists be good?

New Delhi: After good and bad Naxals, a debate is on in this country over good and bad Talibanis. Not only have many Muslims but also anglicised Hindus joined the discussion. It is not surprising. The latter is always opposed to the view held by the majority to appear different.

A comparison is always odious. More so in case of these organisations. It is truly undesirable.They may be opposed to one community but none of them moves around carrying rocket launcher. No Hindu outfit goes around asking women to fully cover themselves.

These groups have not painted women faces black and moved around closing co-education centres. Mobile phones and other modern gadgets are being freely used in this country.

The anti- Mody group will cite instances of attack or killing of members of a minority community in recent months or years. But such instances are not many, A and B India is a very large country . It can have no comparison with Afghanistan. Several states in this country have population outnumbering that of landlocked country.

One more narrative is being pushed by Modi baiters that the Talibanis who have taken control of Afghanistan now are different. They have respect for women and are against killing of unarmed, innocent people.

Reports received here have proved them wrong. Four commandos who had challenged the Takibani forces were publically executed in a stadium yesterday.

Houses of those who were friendly with America and supporting Ghani regime were searched and family members mercilessly beaten. Trigger -happy Talibanis have fired at the crowd which had collected at Kabul airport to escape.

Several tv channels in the country have shown videos of women crying and appealing to merciless militia to set them free.

Every one is entitled to his or her view. But he or she is not entitled to spread falsehood . The Constitution has given freedom of speech and worship. But this freedom is not absolute. There is a Laxman rekha which should not be crossed.

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Pushing false narrative or hate speech is a crime . Only a few days ago six members of a Hindu group were arrested for raising objectionable slogans against a community. It should be an eye opener to those who find the goings wrong in this country besides asking them to study the situation dispassionatlely before making a statement or rushing to a conclusion.



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