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Centre mandates Air Suvidha portal for ease of travel

New Delhi: To ensure the smooth passage of international travellers arriving in India, the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has mandated contactless self-declaration at Air Suvidha Portal. The Air Suvidha portal was launched in August 2020 and now has been strengthened to accommodate travel guidelines issued on November 30, 2021.

Air Suvidha is first of its kind digital portal for easing international passenger arrival in India. This portal developed by MOCA aids passengers in providing their details of travel and final stay along with RTPCR, Vaccination status etc. In today’s time, this helps state officials in contact tracing. The implementation of the Air Suvidha intends to provide hassle-free, queue free, and convenient air travel to all international passengers arriving in India. Air Suvidha portal has already assisted 2,51,210 passengers from Dec 1 to Dec 5, 2021 since the updating of the new travel guidelines on 30th November 2021. Furthermore, over1 crore passengershave been benefitted from the Air Suvidha portal since its launch in August 2020.

यूक्रेन के मुद्दे पर अमेरिका की रूस को धमकी, उसी की भाषा में देंगे जवाब

To ensure the necessary prevention of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus, the exemption forms from the Air Suvidha portal have been discontinued, and filling of the details have been made compulsory for all international passengers arriving in India.All international passengers arriving in India are mandated to declare their current health status prior to boarding on the Air Suvidha Portal along with the required documents: Copy of Passport, PCR Negative Certificate from a Test conducted within 72 hours of departure and the Vaccination Certificate. For immigration, the copy received in e-mail is essential on arrival in India and has to be verified at the APHO counter.

All international passengers are mandated to follow the below measures arriving/transiting from Countries at-risk

• Submit self-declaration form on Air Suvidha portal

• Upload negative RT-PCR report (conducted within 72 hrs. before the journey)

• Post-arrival COVID-19 test at arriving Airport (self-paid)

• Home quarantine for 7 days,

• Re-test on the 8th day and if negative, self-health monitoring for next 7 days

List of Countries from where travellers would need to follow additional measures on arrival in India

1. Countries in Europe including The United Kingdom

2. South Africa

3. Brazil

4. Botswana

5. China

6. Ghana

7. Mauritius

8. New Zealand

9. Zimbabwe

10. Singapore

11. Tanzania

12. Hong Kong

13. Israel



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