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New Delhi: Figures speak themselves. Not to all. Not to those who have closed their ears—- also eyes. Exports last month rose to 35. 2 billion dollars, an all – time high. Manufacturing rose  to three- month high. This sector contributes over 17 par cent to the GDP.
Some other indicators also point to recovery—fast at that.
Railways registered highest-ever freight loading in July–18 per cent more than last year loading.
Opposition doesn’t see anything green, however. To it, everything is  in a  mess.The Modi government has ruined the economy.Nothing has happened in past six years which can cheer the masses.
What is the alternative? A change. Okay. But who can be his successor? Rahul, is it?  Yes, reply some in the Congress. But Mamata is also a prime ministerial candidate. She was in the capital last week, meeting opposition leaders and discussing strategies to oust Modi on 2024.
And what about Sharad Pawar? A much more experienced leader? He was in Delhi but did not find time to meet her. She had to be content with telephonic conversation.
Suddenly, Rahul who was keeping quiet called a meeting of anti- Modi leaders. They had breakfast with him. He seems to be in the race too.
 First thing first. They will have to first decide the challenger. Indication so far is  that there is no unanimity on the issue. Will they unite before 2024? Difficult to answer either for or against it.


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