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Hitting nail on the head

New Delhi: The Modi government has given yet another blow to likes of Tikait.
Hitting the nail on the head , it has asked Food Corporation of India to  make direct transfer to bank account of farmers in Punjab money to be paid for purchase of wheat under the Minimum Support Price scheme from next Rabi season.
Those opposing the new  farm laws cannot take it kindly and they have not. The agitation has been intensified. After Muzaffarnagar, they are  holding a meet in Karnal and chalked out some other programmes to be implemented  this month.
These leaders  hold  a different view but  the direct transfer decision  will eliminate the middlemen and benefit small and marginal farmers. Rich farmers who are not the real cultivators cannot like it and they have already made their opposition known.
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There were  over 10.90 lakh operational land holdings in Punjab in  2015-16. The number of owners was much higher, around 16 lakh, because of division of land . But real cultivators are not so many. Their number was  around  9.50 lakh.  Why?
It is because  45 to 50 per cent owners have given their lands on lease and  are not cultivating themselves. Both owners of land  and  cultivators at present get payment  from adhatiyas or middlemen.
Under the new system,  the  payment will be made to land owners because on record cultivators do not exist.
Many owners are enjoying life  in Canada and  the US. The cultivators have not been given anything in writing. Thus , the cultivators will have to depend on owners for payment.


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