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It’s non-godi vs godi journalists; it’s a battle between genuine and fake

New Delhi: The Maharashtra government has been in the news these days for all the wrong reasons. It has been hitting the headlines for last two days due to some “disclosures” by a police personnel who has been dismissed from service.

The officer was allegedly collecting hafta from hoteliers, bars and other business establishments and passing that on to a minister has reportedly said that he was asked by him to ” fix” a tv chanel and its anchor who was critical of the government.

It is true that the anchor was arrested and sent to jail in addition to one of channel’s key official and that a TRP case has been filed against it. But it has come to light for the first time that it was allegedly done at the behest of a minister. If this channel has to be believed, the officer has said it on oath.


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However, it was not covered by most of other channels and newspapers. Why? There is no apparent reason than his full backing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and some of his actions like abrogation of Article 370. His nation first priority might have also angered some journalists and non-journalists.

The government has not favoured the traditional mode and taken several bold decisions which the previous governments had failed to take for one reason or the other. If some individual or group support them, no one should treat him or her or that group as an enemy.

It should not also be forgotten that the popularity graph of Modi has not yet shown a declining trend. He is still the main choice of a majority of people. Of course, he has not treated some media persons the way the Congress governments had treated but that can be no good reason for attacking him.

If some group or individual is not being favoured or is not given a preferential treatment by him he should not be condemned. That is unfair. He deserves a praise.

All including journalists are equals. There is no one more than equal. Any government or individual who works with this principle in mind is praiseworthy. Is it too much for some one to bear?



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