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It’s not over, till it’s over

New Delhi: Those who think it’s all over in Afghanistan are totally mistaken. Anti-Taliban groups and forces are assembling in panchsheer , one of the provinces, to counter the terror group. Two other states out of total 34 are already out of its control.

The national army is moving tanks and other machines to that area to push out the extremists who are enemies of democracy and want to implement its own agenda.

Former vice- president of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh has reached the state capital to discuss the situation and work out strategies to deal with it. The task to push them out is not easy but not impossible either.

For those who have tuned in late, Panchsheer is one of the provinces in the valley which has not so far surrendered to any force, Soviet, American or Talibani. It has declared that it will fight the enemies of humanity till the end.

The American forces have not yet totally withdrawn from the country. They are slated to go back home by the middle of next month. If the departure is delayed for any reason there may be a different story altogether.

The US, the UK and some other European nations hold the view like India that there should be zero tolerance for the extremists. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone a step further and declared that the rule by these unrulies cannot be there for ever .It will end— sooner or later.

The problem is that there are many in this country and outside who do not have the same belief. In this country there are people who find them good and full of virtues. Some have gone so far as calling them freedom fighters. Cases have been registered against a few of them inviting comments such as ” a curb on freedom of expression” and ” gagging dissent”.

One really wonders how can those carrying guns ,forcing their will on people, believing in a particular ideology and asking women to remain mostly indoors be called good . But every one is entitled to hold his view in this country and that is good, tolerant.

The Talibanis will not allow a democratic rule . They may not suffer but people will. America has freezed aid. Some others may follow. Relationship with India has worsened with stoppage of projects being executed .The landlocked country does not produce enough to take care of every one. It exports little which may be further affected due to presence of the militants.

PM inaugurates and lays foundation stone of multiple projects in Somnath

Pakistan will of course try to help. Some other Arab countries may also come to rescue . But that will not be enough. The fundamentalists, therefore, will not have an easy time, whatever apologists in this country may say.

The takeover has done one good thing. It has fully exposed Pakistan. Even those who were not believing in Indian stories have come to realise that they were mistaken. It has got more takers now.



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