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Learning from mistakes

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a risk appetite. He does not hesitate from making experiments. Deciding not to travel on the beaten path, he had gone for a jain, Vijay Rupani, to head Gujarat.

However, he does not think twice when the experiment does not succeed and makes amend as soon as possible. Rupani was suddenly removed When he found the decision not working to his satisfaction and the satisfaction of the. Party.

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The PM has made a new experiment by keeping all Rupani ministers out and inducting new faces. All the ministers sworn -in in Gujarat after resignation by him are new.

Strangely, many of them are first time MLAs. Even the new Gujarat CM is a first timer. Till the last moment there was suspense.

None had guessed it right. Nitin Patel was the most talked about name as Rupani successor till the last moment. No body other than close to Modi knew that Bhupendra Patel was the new choice. But he made an entry.

Clearly, a new team will go to the poll next year. Anti- incumbency sentiment may not work. People will vote on the basis of performance of the new council of ministers.

That the second time PM is not averse to experiment was experienced first a few years back when he had opted not for a dominant caste to head a state. The experiment had failed in Maharashtra and Jharkhand. So, it was not repeated in Gujarat.

Most of political pundits back his move because they have found learning from mistakes good.



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