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Much ado about nothing?

New Delhi: Much cannot be said on alleged phone- tapping of opposition leaders and others at this point in time as the matter is subjudice but it can be safely said that it was not worth the uproar in parliament which led to loss of a lot of valuable time and money.

There were several issues including Corona and floods which deserved more attention. The government was ready to discuss these issues but the opposition would not budge an inch from its stand. The result is several pending bills were not taken up and there was a virtual wash out of more than half of the Monsoon session.

Parliament businesses were transacted for less than about an hour per day and the rest of the hours were lost in the din. Six TMC members were suspended this week for defying the Chair and continuing to disrupt the proceedings. But only for that day.

To many this was not enough. They should have been suspended for the entire session .A stronger message was required to be given.

Returning to the case in the Supreme Court, the highest legal body, has asked two questions: first, why was a criminal case not filed earlier and two, what are the evidences suppoting the charge?. The Court will hear the case again next week. If it turns out to be a hoax, should not salary cut or other options considered against the unruly members? This question us upper most in many minds.



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