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Opinion: Not a change for the better

New Delhi: There was a time, not long ago, when newspapers and television channels were highlighting the misdeeds of the government, government officials and politicians of all hues.

It has changed. Now, a powerful minister of Maharashtra who is better known as Hafta Collecter gas gone missing. He Is not appearing before the Enforcement Directorate but it is not a big news for most of the papers and channels.

He has been summoned a number of times but on some excuse or the other he has kept the officials at bay. He has successfully avoided them despite no relief from the highest Court.


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Another example of selective coverage: an IPS officer of the same coastal state has also gone missing. There are unconfirmed reports that he has fled the country. He is facing several serious and non- serious charges but it is not a news for most of them.

If he has escaped, it is another serious matter. It will mean that the country has not learnt any lessons from disappearance of likes of Malya. In addition, it will establish that there are some groups which are working in close cooperation with corrupt men in this country.

The newspapers and channels have enough time and space. But they are being mostly used to highlight achievements of the government of the day or stories of opposition leaders which are either lies or half-truth.

Even in interviews, they are not countered. The lies are not challenged . Thus, the common men and women cannot know the whole truth.

It is not to suggest that everything was fair and objective five or ten years ago. The only difference is that the number of spreaders of half truth was not very large during that period.

Moral of the story: depend more on your own eyes and ears.



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