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Opposition plays the old game again

New Delhi: Much hue and cry has been rightly raised against killing of non- Kashmiris in Jammu and Kashmir. What is not justifiable is the opposition attack on the Modi government at the Centre for it. There are several reasons.

First, law and order is a state subject. The local administration is doing everything possible to control the situation. A number of terrorists have been neutralised in the valley. For those interested in numbers, nine militants have been killed in a fortnight there.

Search operations are on and more extremists are likely to be nabbed or killed in next few days.


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Secondly,it is true that special privileges enjoyed by the state were withdrawn by the Modi government. But it was done nearly two years back. Gradually peace had returned and hundreds of tourists were visiting the place every day. Before this month such incidents were uncommon. So, no link can be established between the two– abbrogation of the Article and killing of innocents.

Thirdly, the guardians of law and order can totally end organised crimes sooner or later. They cannot prevent stray incidents. Each and every one cannot be searched everywhere and, therefore, these enemies of humanity can carry arms and kill.

Migrants and other unarmed civilians are soft targets. They cannot fire back. So, they have been selected. The purpose clearly is to create panic and provide proganda material to Pakistan and its proxies. Also to the anti- Modi groups in the country.

It has also much to do with change of government in Afghanistan. One of the terror groups which have links with some outside outfits has already claimed responsibility for some killing.

With Talibani forces in command in Afghanistan these developments were not unexpected. There is need to tackle it diplomatically and politically. There is also need for the opposition to support the government on this issue.

In the meantime the migrants and labourers from states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh should be shifted to safer places which, according to reports reaching here, is being done. Highlighting the problem will not help. Finding a solution will certainly do .



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