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Seeing is not believing to opposition

New Delhi: Almost everything in this country these days is seen by the oposition from one of the three angles — election , RSS or BJP. The Prime minister Narendra Modi launched a new vehicle scrapping policy a few days ago and not one but several political parties saw Uttar Pradesh election in it.

Election in UP is more than six months away and the new policy is not only beneficial to this state but they have linked it to vote in this state. What are the benefits?

First, the scrap metal will be reused, reducing the production cost. A new vehicle will b available to the owner at a lower price.


Second, we import scrap at present which will not be needed to a large extent, saving foreign exchange.

Old vehicle cause more air pollution. By replacing them with new ones the air will be cleaner in cities. The space used to dump old vehicles can be gainfully used for some other purpose.

In addition, no registration fee is required to be paid. There will be road tax and other savings.

This kind of policy has been already successfully implemented in some other countries.

UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath is another target of attack. He has been picked up for the proposed population control policy. The government had sought public opinion before preparing the final draft. The majority of people including some religious groups have backed it, not linking to election.

But the rivals will not listen. To them, it is another attempt to polarise voters and remain in power. It is not against any group but it is being linked to the minority community.

The government has already clarified that the aim is not to hurt anyone but to bring down the fertility level per thousand population to 2.1 from the present 2.7 and further to 1.9. A married couple, on an average, produces less in other states than UP and Bihar. Resources are limited. Population control, therefore, will provide larger share to every group.

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In one state or the other elections are held every year. A new policy decision caanot be taken after the election schedule is announced for that state. But it can be done if the case is different. Rules ,therefore , do not disfavour Yogi. A bill in this connection may be moved in the Monsoon session beginning tomorrow. Uprorious scenes are likely to be witnessed in Lucknow after Delhi.



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