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APP’s minister Sisodia promised cancellation of hefty electricity bills of 48 lakh UP domestic power-consumer families

By Kunwar Ashok S Rajput,

Lucknow: In an attempt woo large numbers of UP people read voters via offering frees, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday announced that Aam Aadmi Party will provide 300 units of free electricity to all if voted to power in Uttar Pradesh in 2022 assembly poll.

If Aam Aadmi Party is voted to power, everyone will get 300 units of free electricity. In Delhi, people are getting zero electricity bills under Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and we will do the same in UP, said Sisodia while addressing a press conference. The AAP has made similar promises in Punjab, Uttarakhand and Goa where assembly polls are due early next year.

During Covid-19 lockdown situation, fixed-amount of power-bills is major issue with power-consumers specially traders, restaurant, businessman and others in the state. Sisodia said that it was time people in the state get relief from hefty electricity bills and promised cancellation of bills of 48 lakh families in the state. Pending bills of 48 lakh families will be cancelled if we come to power.


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There are 48 lakh families in the state that receive hefty electricity bills and are considered as criminals by the Yogi government. I have heard in the media of people who committed suicide over electricity bills. I ask such people to stay patient and extend their support to AAP,energy minister of Delhi said. RS MP, Sanjay Singh, AAP leader and UP state in charge of the party was also present at the press conference.

Sisodia said that being a well-educated man, Kejriwal understood the plight of common people and had an understanding of how to make things right. Kejriwal believes that uninterrupted electricity is not a luxury in India of 21st century, rather it is a basic facility. It is a basic duty of the government to provide electricity for all, Sisodia added.

UPPCL expensive electricity bills are not public fault, rather the fault of the state government, which is earning money through these bills. People should not live like culprits. We will ensure that zero electricity bills are received by people here and pending bills of suffering families are cancelled.

Sisodia highlights Kejriwal’s success as Delhi chief minister, Sisodia said, before 2015, people had to charge their inverters and generators to the fullest and markets were flooded with them. But due to the efforts of Kejriwal, it is not the case anymore as people get 24/7, uninterrupted electricity in Delhi. Kejriwal relieved people of lengthy power cuts, similar, we will do this in UP too. UP must get an uninterrupted power supply because it is manufactured at a lot of places here.

Sisodia added that there was a scope for expansion in the manufacturing capabilities of the state. People of UP could not get uninterrupted electricity supply in a state where electricity is produced. It is because the government had no intentions to do so, Delhi Minister said while attacking the Yogi led BJP government. He also announced free electricity for the farmers of the state. Sisodia also promised to cancel pending electricity bills of 4.8million families in the state. There are 4.8million families in Uttar Pradesh that receive hefty electricity bills. There pending bills will be cancelled, AAP leader said here on Thursday.



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