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Lucknow: The violence in Lakhimpur Kheri has given the opposition the opportunity it was looking for to put the government on the mat before Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh and gain political mileage.

It has rightly questioned the competence of the law and order machinery and intelligence agencies. Unofficial reports have clearly indicated absence of adequate police force to deal with the situation in the area called mini- Punjab where farm agitationanists are more in numbers than any other part of the state excluding the western part.

One of the two deputy chief ministers was to visit the area and the farmers had taken out a procession to register their protest . The same route was used by two or three vehicles occupied by BJP workers to reach the meeting site.

These vehicles were allegedly gheraoed and attacked. To run away as quickly as possible and save lives, the drivers of these vehicles ran into the crowd and killed some of them. Another version: the drivers lost balance following attack and the vehicles turned and hit the processionists.

Two questions are relevant here. First, was permission taken for the procession ? Second, was adequate police force provided to see that the processionists
move on one side of the road and allow vehicles to freely move on the road as mandated by the Court? If the answer to both is in the negative the opposition charge of police incompetence is not baseless. An inquiry is being held and many other questions will find answers.

However, some of the statements of opposition leaders will be remembered for long and continue to amuse the readers . Sample: the incident is comparable to killing in Jalianwala Bagh. The leader who likened it to the massacre is a senior opposition leader and has held important government positions .


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Some newspapers prominently published this” rubbish” . Either the leader has not read history or have these newspapers. More than 1000 persons were killed in Jalianwala Bagh.It’s number one. Secondly, they were killed in police firing and were not mowed down or beaten to death. More harm will be done to children who trust such leaders and newspapers which did not put a note telling the truth.

Another leader has held PM and CM responsible. Yet another has demanded imposition of President’s rule . The opposition plays an important role in a democracy. But certainly not of this kind.



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