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UP accounts for more than 12% of India’s 100 crore vaccine jabs

Despite challenges in terms of a large population, Uttar Pradesh has been administering Covid vaccines faster than major other states of country and even some nations of the world, CM Yogi Adityanath
By Kunwar Ashok S Rajput,
Lucknow: As India crossed the milestone of 100 crore Covid-19 doses, Pradesh’s accounted for one-tenth (12.5 crore) to the 100 crore vaccine doses which India completed on Thursday, more than 12 percent, which is highest in the country. Emerging successful in the fight against COVID-19,Uttar Pradesh has so far administered more than 12,30,34,537 ‘Shots of Life’ to the people.UP CM Yogi said aggressive vaccination was an integral part of the comprehensive strategy of the government to contain the pandemic, along with adherence to Covid appropriate behavior.Despite challenges in terms of a large population, the state has been administering Covid vaccines faster than major other states of India and even some nations of the world, CM Yogi Adityanath said.
However, experts categorically pointed out that Uttar Pradesh still has miles to go and caution will be the key in view of the big festivals lined up next month in November. Meanwhile, the UP government ACS Amit Mohan Prasd on Friday directed district authorities and health officials to take special precautions during festivals and follow covid-protocol and people coming from other states to Uttar Pradesh during festivals their covid-19 test and checkup should be done.

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Credit for the achievement in Uttar Pradesh goes to its meticulous planning and strategy, exemplary political leadership and unparalleled commitment displayed by front-line workers. Medical experts also credited the people’s state for the success. However, the Secretary of Organised Medicine Academic Guild official said that Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim are the best performing states whereas Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,Jharkhand are lagging behind to some extent.Also, we need to overcome the gender gap and prioritise women, OMAG underlined.

As per health official estimates based on the Census and electoral data, around 15 crore people in UP are to be vaccinated.Of these, over 9,47,39,605 have received at least one dose of the vaccine which is about 64 per cent of the eligible population. Over 2,82,94,932 people have been fully vaccinated in the state, it took almost 100 days to touch the figure of one crore vaccination.The state achieved the major landmark of 10-crore vaccinations on September 25 and It crossed the 12-crore mark on October 18.The share of UP with 12.5 crore, Maharashtra crossed over 9.3 crore doses and West Bengal with 6.9 crore doses are the next two states in terms of total inoculations.

As per government official; in UP, 9.48 crore persons have taken the first dose while 2.83 crore are fully vaccinated. This means that 81 percent of the 15.04 crore eligible persons in UP have taken at least one dose while 18.4 percent are fully vaccinated.Experts appreciated the enormity of the work undertaken in UP, especially in the light of factors like limited availability of vaccines, Union government’s vaccination priority to high prevalence states like Maharashtra and Kerala in early stages and the scale of implementation challenge in UP.Health minister Jai Pratap Singh congratulated front line workers for the feat. “In many districts, health workers rose above odds to serve people,” he said.

State Immunisation Officer Dr Ajay Ghai said UP may have made a major contribution but since it is a huge state, the vaccination drive has to be expedited. Health and medicine experts said that to achieve herd immunity, the target of 18 crore (including children) doses has to be achieved, for which patience is needed. Covid-appropriate behaviour is also the key, medico said. Big festivals such asDhanteras, Diwali, GovardhanPuja, Chhath Puja are lined up next month and hence “November paar toh naiyyapaar”. In December, we will likely declare India Covidfree, KGMU’s Professor added. similarly, Secretary of Organised Medicine Academic Guild Dr Ishwar Gilada said India has achieved a formidable historic landmark by administeringover 100 crore Covid vaccine doses in 278 days.99.9 percent of these vaccine doses are domestically manufactured, with Covishield (OxfordAstraZeneca) accounting for the maximum doses administered (89-percent),Medical guild Secretary pointed out.



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