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UP cabinet expansion : attempt to please Brahmins

Lucknow : Better caste equation seems to be behind expansion of the Yogi council of ministers which was made this evening.

Brahmins and some others were not given the weightage they deserved. Appointment of Nitin Prasad is being seen as an attempt to woo the Brahmins who were nursing a grudge.

Some political parties, in fact, had held rallies and meetings to exploit the situation in their favour. The BSP was the first first to come out to appease the caste.

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Not to lag behind, the Samajwadi party had also taken some initiatives to bring them in.

In the light of these developments, there were talks of expansion for last fee weeks. This may be the last rejig as the Assembly election is less than six months away.

Prasad has been offered cabinet rank while all others have been made ministers of State.



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